A little summertime gloom at the Orange

Entitled 'Cats, Rats & Ravens', this show runs to June 12. A perfect weekend adventure for sure! There are a few pieces I would like to flank the living-room entrance, let alone mounted at cat-height for all to enjoy.

She uses a basic and classic palette with hues that hearken to Renaissance masters. Recall every child's famous trick? The timeless piece 'Black Cat in a Dark Room at Night' - this is a study in the reality of those night species, with the noted exception of bats. Crows caught with their personality on display and the peering eyes of rodents held suspended in their familiar shapes.  And cats. Who is not leery of the magical black cat.

For admirers of a true art that is uncluttered by modernity, I do recommend the Best.

Board of Directors by Gwendolyn Best - photo by Lydia 

If all this sun has got you down, never fear! The Orange Gallery is nearby and full of gloom for the next little bit. Not to make the show sound dreary, quite the opposite, it is a wonderful display of artist Gwendolyn Best's fine work.