Win a signed copy of Nightface.

Our very own Lydia Peever (typicallydia) is doing a signing of her debut novel "Nightface" this Saturday July 16th at Collected Works, and Ottawa Horror is offering two of our readers a chance to win signed copies.

"Nightface represents a return to vicious and violent vampire fiction. He could not remember a thing. Who he was or where he came from. After finding his landlady's mutilated body, where he was going became more important. He has visions of the undead. An a bandoned house of isolated opulence lures him. Then he meets Sinthia - the only person who really recognizes him - and her hundreds of scars. Little did Gunnar know that running to Ottawa put him face to face with his future, let alone his vicious past. None of the puzzle pieces fall into place, until he turns his back on the day." (Amazon)

So here's how it works. We'll take the first two folks who email us at with the name of the Publisher of Nightface, and they'll win signed copies of the book. Winners can either pick up the book on Saturday and have a chance to meet the author, or we'll arrange to have them sent by post.


typicallydia said…
If you are stumped, poking around here, my site or may help. Maybe.

Would love to see some Ottawa Horror followers out at this event to talk about all things dark~