Killer63... in case you missed it live...

... then you missed out. Last year, I found where some films lacked in production quality, the strength of all lay in vivid storytelling. Every film last year left an impression.

This year, the artistic quality of all was through the roof. Really. Sound, light, direction; all were impressive. A few of the stories seemed to be tacked up as near afterthoughts. In a way, I kind of miss the rough, edgier films that were screened last year. But then, as a writer and K63 noob, who am I to judge~

One special treat for minions was the overseas entry. Janet Hetherington and I spoke about The House on Arch Lane and the possibility of it being screened here after her OH interview. We got to see it with the writer in attendance, on the big screen. Thank you Stonehope, The Mayfair and Josh for making that happen!

There were 5 other entries that I wanted to post here, but they are either hard to find, not online, or we have them posted on the Ottawa Horror facebook page - Like The House by Kevin Preece. So, here is one story that stuck with me. Chris Chitaroni's Profile of a Killer.

Now, those who know me know I adore happy little fuzzy things. Like cats, rats, mice, even a ball of eyelash yarn can have me stop to coo and pet soft.... soft... so soft... so cute... SO, yes. This entry, creatively titled Happy Fuzzy Things really made my day. Recall - this is a horror film festival, so unless you let kids watch horror already, they may not appreciate this one as much as I do.