Beers, Fears, and Tunes!

On the Rue Morgue staff blog, I saw a wonderful entry about Ottawa's own Beau's All Natural Brewing Company. They had unleashed a theme set of two beer for the past Halloween season... or what I tend to think of as 'Every Day'. Sadly, we missed the truck which happens all to often with the fleeting nature of the macabre in this staid government town...

Thank you for the great image, Jordan!

Ottawa met Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde at Beau's Oktoberfest event in Van Kleek Hill and one can only hope that this becomes an annual theme. As with any 'beer project' things change, so fingers crossed, ready your voodoo dolls, and we may see more of this. One can only hope that these spooky brews stick around!

Artwork on the bottles was designed by artist Dirty Donnie. Originally from Ottawa, you may have seen his renown work for Metallica, among other varied and wicked ventures. The original release came with awesome tunes including Ha Ha Holiday by local pop-punkers The White Wires. Be warned, it is listed as sold out at the moment, but you can get a taste of what you could have heard here...

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