At the opera last night – Ottawa's Repo! Shadowcast's first performance of 2012

Everybody, everybody, get down, get down now – to the Club Saw gallery on Nicholas Street to watch The Necromerchant's Payment; Ottawa's Repo! The Genetic Opera shadowcast. If you haven't yet experienced being inside a movie, then you need to see this one-of-a-kind show.

It's hard to describe the performance without giving too much away - trust me, you'll want to go in fresh. Part of what makes The Necromerchant's Payment cast so fantastic is that every show is just a little bit different; there's always something new. Each time you visit, you might be watching the same movie, but you'll be never see the exact same thing twice.

I'll warn you now though: this show, much like zydrate, is highly addictive.

And... what was that? My favourite part of the Repo! Shadowcast, you ask? Audience participation. Anyone can get a bunch of people to sit still in chairs and watch what's happening in front of them. The cast of The Necromerchant's Payment brings not only the movie, but the audience to life as they actively encourage the crowd to sing along, get up on the stage, dance, and of course, shout inappropriate comments at the screen.

If you need something to do on the first Friday of every month... actually, scratch that. Blow off any plans you have on the first Friday of every month and come see The Necromerchant's Payment instead.
S-s-s-stand up, don't be shy!

Everybody, everybody, TESTIFY!


warringsoul said…
Sounds good! Could you post some more info about when and where exactly?
Where: Club Saw, Nicholas Street (right behind the Rideau Centre)

When: The first Friday of every month. Doors at 8:00 pm, show starts at 9:00 pm and runs until 11:00 pm.

You can "like" their group on Facebook for regular updates as well (under The Necromerchant's Payment).

Thanks for reading! :D
Sonsey said…
Welcome aboard Alex! Thanks for the great write up!
Amber Sweet said…
Link to the Nercromerchant's Payment's Facebook Group! Join to always be informed! (We also have twitter - we're just so techie like that XD)
Casandra LaNeve said…

for updates on our show!