A 'Bloody Blow' to Canadian horror

© Remyfx
New work from Montreal effects artist Remy Couture will quench your bloody thirst and fill that hollow leg with succulent sickness. Although he divulged that he is still creating amazing horror in the vein of Inner Depravity, those films will not see the light of day until all this messy obscenity charge madness blows over. In the meantime, it appears that art imitates life... and this new short is a very clear statement on being silenced by the powers that be.

After a much needed profile on CTV Montreal, we await the pending trail that will hopefully see this talented artist free to continue his career. Read more about the origins of this story in our previous post on Couture's legal battle and the fate of Canadian horror.

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Here is his most recent short, Bloody Blow, for your viewing pleasure. Featuring the gorgeous Zombie Boy (Rick Genest), Remy and Rosalynn, this was also posted today on the infamous ebaumsworld!

~English version, and french below ~