April Showers bring Mayfair Vampires and Zombies...

... and in other news, I dislike writing post titles. So! Yes! It is indie horror month at the Mayfiar! Well, not really, but with these two gems polished and ready to set, it could be. Truly, three fun treats at the Mayfair are coming up in May. The first is not horror, but is a pet of mine and any aged punk and film fan. Hard Core Logo 2. Honestly never thought I'd see the day, but it looks like a truly viable counterpart to the first film. Joe Dick rises again... maybe it is horror after all.

Shot in and around Sudbury, Ontario, A Little Bit Zombie will have filmmakers in attendance.A great reason for all you Northern Ontario refugees to come out. Recall the zombie hunting truck that was up for grabs last September? Well, this is its mothership being screened at the Mayfair starting May 18th. Presented by our favorite duo at zombieinfo.com!

Check out the Mayfair sched for the trailer. Here are exclusive interviews from Spartan Youth Radio - made possible by OH friend and SYR mentor Jayson Stewart.

Also, for those who are looking for something with a little more bite, Terror of Dracula starts earlier, May 4th. Another wonderful micro-budget indie scare, this time out of Kingston. Fans of gothic terror will adore this passionate Dracula tale. Reviewed in Fango, Horrornews.net and Dark Discussions, this is a must-see with the filmmaker and possible cast/crew in attendance. More on the sched.

There. Now I feel all timely and stuff. I hope this makes up for not reviewing The Raid: Redemption (kick-ass movie everyone should see) and only getting out to see Cabin in the Woods today... and likely not reviewing it either. If there is one thing I dislike more than writing post titles, it is reviewing. For Mayfair and theatre lovers in general, if you find yourself frothing over a horror film (for better or worse) drop us a line. OH is always looking for reviewers.