Deadlights, Camera, Tour - Patron Saint of Plagues

Extended Day-Pass? Have they escaped psychiatrists entirely? Patron Saint of Plagues continue their summer tour after a break to film a music video for Things Arn't What They Seem with award-winning filmmakers of the Vancouver collective, Hora Morior Productions.

With MuchFact, an amazing location in the city, and a little gear rental from Parktown, the intense project promises to be nothing short of terrorific. Read more on it at Revolution Music Canada or get out and catch these guys before they get locked back up.

Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal - they already invaded the southern cities and points east last month and are back to mop up the blood. Or... spread some more around... they weren't really clear on that. One member may be receiving extended therapy so do not let the presence of white lab coats alarm you, unless it's Cadillacs & Cadavers on stage. Then you have every right to be alarmed! For more on other bands, venues and all the trash you need to see them, they gave up clicky links to the mailing list:

TONIGHT! Aug 1st - This Ain't Hollywood

Ottawa Aug 4th - Montgomery Legion

Montreal Aug 6th - Cafe Chaos

Ottawa Horror will haunt the home show and may even work on a sick little surprise for the most infected so brush up on your scary tales. A nice distraction before we drag our body bags to the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear at FanExpo with! We will post a roster of what artists we are featuring, swag to snag, as well as which OH ghouls are attending soon.

Filmmakers! Get your short horror submission in to OH so we can flash your slashers on OH Volume II. This is our top item at FOF.

Full disclosure: those who read, and are in the know, know she is the Hora Morior eastern representative contact. We are where darkness meets creativity.  Is there ever a lot of clicky links in this post, eh? I went a little url-insane, I admit. Normally, that is a Tuesday kinda thing. sigh~