Grimm: First Season Available Today

Odd Update: Adore all things Grimm? The Mütter Museum is launching an exhibit right up your alley. Grimm's Anatomy, Magic and Medicine: 1812 to 2012 will display soon. Untoward, gruesome, beautiful and fascinating - this show will be accompanied by rare prints of the Grimm fairy tales. Philadelphia, I want to be in you.

Now, back to our irregularly posted post:

Those in the know, know I adore fairy tales. I also adore horror and crime. Go figure - I also like Grimm.

Universal Studios was kind enough to send preview copy in case we had not caught the first run before it is released - and before the second season kicks off next Monday. There has been news today on the first two episodes, and True Blood fans will enjoy this. Read more at Dread Central.

So, if you are a fan of twists on our favorite myths and monsters, season one is available on DVD and Blu-ray as of today! Highly recommended. In the Organ Grinder episode (one of my personal favorites) watch for the river-rafting raven. Not only does the raptor ride a corpse down rapids, it begins doing what scavengers do best and plucks out a delicious eyeball before majestically swooping off. The whole episode is excellent, but that scene alone sold me on the series. Gory, sure. Crafty, yes. Huge points to the falconer on that scene~

While the show does have some of the typical cinematic trappings of most prime-time series (cue plodding cello music for atmosphere, cue clueless wife) it has a deftly woven story line and some very cool main characters. Bludbaden are about my favorite creatures and I was never a huge werewolf fan to begin with. In this teaser for the upcoming season you get a little dose of Burkhardt, the Grimm charged with destroying monsters, and Monroe, the coolest Bludbad on the block.

Fans of Buffy The Vampire Slayer who are not into the oversexed horror series out these days will certainly get a charge out of this, and it is a great one to pass time with while we wait on American Horror Story: Asylum.