5 days left to make They Live happen at the Mayfair

From the Mayfair facebook group, "...in an attempt to kick things into gear, we're going to have to make the deadline a bit sooner. By Monday the 10th before the end of the night, we would like to hit our 75 tickets goal. So far we've sold 11...which means we have to sell about 12 tickets a day between Thursday and Monday."

That means, if you drive or are going there to get your own ticket, better pick up some for your pals that are procrastinating. Tickets are $10 and available at the box office of the Mayfair at 1074 Bank Street.

For transit users, grab the 1 or 7 and they are a scenic 20 minute walk from Billings Bridge or the O-Train at Carleton if you prefer the Transitway.