Postscripts to Darkness Halloween readings at Collected Works

The wind was far less scary than some of the things going on indoors last night. Editors Sean Moreland and Aalya Ahmad took over the event space at Collected works, with many of the contributors to the Postscripts to Darkness anthologies. You may recall the launch party and our review this past summer. Now, they are seeking submissions for volume four.

In between authors reading, Sean tossed out some rather tough horror trivia. My favorite angle to this was 'Horror Haiku' where after the few lines crafted of scary movie plots, the audience had to guess what film it was. And although she didn't enter into the costume contest, what Ahmad wore was not only a conversation piece but a full-on conversation stopper.

Aalya's baby was certainly kicking
Sean introduces the next author

trivia prizes come colour coordinated now 

Any Jane and Lawrence, dapper and flapper

Amy's nails, detail... spooky divine!

Amal el-Mohtar, author of The Honey Month
James K. Moran read an excerpt of his forthcoming novel
Alyssa Cooper let us hear a portion of her PSTDIII entry
Zachary Abram let loose with 'In the Hotel'
lydia, photo credit Amy Jane Von Purr

... and then there was me, I lent my voice to Erma Petrova's nefarious hit, 'Trash'. A wonderfully crafted story, I had a creepy-good time yet was a little intimidated by the applause afterward. All in all, I appreciate that she let me read it, and am glad everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

Thank you, Chris, shelf-monkey and latte-jockey extraordinaire at Collected Works~