Psssst...Wanna Learn Makeup FX?

Two of the most common questions I'm asked at Conventions are first "Where can I find FX Makeup people?" and second "Is there anywhere I can learn to do FX Makeup?". Well here's a good answer to both. Allow me to introduce Michel Pennington and OnSceneFX.

I met Michel at The Ottawa Geek Market this past weekend. He comes from a "mulage" background... which is to say creating realistic fake wounds for military training. If you've never seen the stuff that gets used, let me just say that it puts a lot of Hollywood stuff to shame. It's that good. He's currently looking to get into the film industry, so all you filmmakers out there, pay attention!

This Friday, Oct. 19th he's offering a training session on how to do some of this stuff, starting from the basics and moving up. You can get more information at his Facebook page. If you're interested in this stuff, this is a great opportunity to learn.