Scary Christmas

Around my household as a child, December 1st was always the "start" of the Christmas Season... that's when we put the tree up, and the Christmas Music started being played.

In the spirit of that, the Mayfair Theatre and Ottawa Horror are pleased to present "Silent Night, Deadly Night" - A special One Night only screening of the Malcom McDowell take on the classic 80's slasher.

Show starts at 11:15 and as always, we'll have some goodies to give away. So come on out and get your Christmas Season started right!

And since you're in the area anyway... be sure to come out early and Celebrate the Mayfair's 80th(!) birthday, with a screening of Scarface at 6:30! This is the last fundraiser for the new Digital Projector.


Horrorguy said…
The trailer you have up is for "Silent Night", however the trailer on the theater's page is for the 1984 film "silent night deadly night". So which film are they playing?