Rogers to drop AMC & Walking Dead

*** Editors Note: This information has been reported from several different sources, however as per the comments section, a Rogers Rep has in fact stated that they are NOT planning on dropping AMC but are just in negotiations. We'll keep this updated as more info comes to us.

This has been making the rounds today and although when it comes to Walking Dead, I've "cut the cable", preferring iTunes or Netflix (for the older eps) I bet a lot of our readers might find this a bit unsettling. Basically Rogers has been popping up announcements during AMC programming stating that AMC is going to be unavailable on Rogers in the near future.

For those that wish to voice their support, AMC has the following link


Anonymous said…
Actually amc is asking for more money to carry their content. They did the same thing to dish. Dish didn't want to pay and cut ties. Rogers is in negotiations with amc.
Unknown said…
Yes I am a ROGERS costomer, I want Rogers to drop AMC because AMC is pretty aggresive here. AMC has giving no detail on why they are saying ROGERS is about to drop them. They just direct you to links to take action now before it's to late and email rogers with your rage... When you google "AMC DROP" they do this to many cable companies in the past like DIsh and VIRIZON,ect, who caved. AMC sets a panic and make it like the cable company is at total fault. CABLE company in turn has to raise prices to its costomers to cover the extra costs and AMC takes none of the blame. I will now start watching all AMC shows on for free in HD with my ROGERS internet! slap slap sluts.
RogersMary said…
Hi, this is Mary with Rogers.

We have no intention of dropping AMC.

We're surprised and disappointed they would alarm our customers. We are in negotiations and expect a positive outcome.

Feel free to reach out to us on twitter at @RogersHelps or myself directly @RogersMary
@Rogers_Chris said…
Hi, to follow up on my colleague Mary's comment, we have excellent news: we've reached an agreement that ensures our customers can continue to enjoy all of the great programming in the AMC line-up. And they’ll be able to watch original AMC programs in HD format as early as end of March, as well as across multiple screens shortly after the TV debut - something we know our customers have been asking for.

We've shared more details on our Redboard blog here: