ComicCon Wrap Up

Another ComicCon is in the books. This years ComicCon provided it's fair share of fun and excitement, along with the usual snags that go along with any con, but overall we'd have to say it was a resounding success! Attendance was great, and it was good to meet and talk to all of you over the weekend. And a very special thanks to our guests Michael Koske from AMC's "The Walking Dead", who was definitely a hit with the shows fans, and Nikolai Diablo.

I managed to get out a bit on Sunday and found some great local talent on the showfloor. Look for articles on these folks coming up soon.

Next year, we're working towards getting a bigger horror presence at the Con. In the meantime, Montreal ComicCon and Montreal Horrorfest are coming up!

Even Vader and Boba Fett wanted to check out the Ottawa Horror Booth

Honestly, I just thought this shirt was cool!
Even Captain Jack wants to meet Micheal!

Expired Comics, creators of the Walking Bread among others

Michael Dobbin, producer of Eddie The Sleepwalking Cannibal

Local Artists, WhiteFire Comics
The awesome Camie Chaos with Micheal

Nikolai and Micheal