Sept. 27 | The mysterious 'Harvest Noir'

Everyone loves a little mystery, especially at this time of year!

Have you heard of Harvest Noir? 

In case the details of this elusive event have evaded you, it's "a 21st-century harvest ball extravaganza — a pop-up picnic and dance party that celebrates local farms and food in the Ottawa/Gatineau region. Groups of friends of all ages dress creatively in black, gather en masse at a secret urban location for the picnic of a lifetime accompanied by refined music, and then dance the night away at a top venue. With a participatory fashion show, 3 dance floors, assorted flash mobs, and a strong social mission, Harvest Noir is a feast for all the senses."

The Location: Undisclosed. For now.
The Date: Saturday, Sept 27, 2014. 5pm-2am.
The Dress Code: All black. Expressive/vintage.