Horror Movies everywhere!

This Summer and Fall are shaping up to be quite the treat for lovers of Horror Films in our Nation's Capital.

First up, a couple of chances to actually be PART of a Horror Film.

The prolific Brett Kelly is finishing up an Indiegogo Campaign for his latest flick "Countrycide" - a "survival horror flick", which marks Brett's return to the genre that started him off. You can contribute to that campaign here. There are only 9 days left, so go quick!

If Classic Horror is more to your taste then be sure to check out "Lusus Naturae", the latest from the creator of Carnival Diablo - Scott McClelland. This is promising to be quite the flick, and the advance support has been great. You can contribute to that one here and be sure to check out the videos below.

Finally, if you'd rather just watch movies, then keep an eye out for the Ottawa Spookshow and Fantastic Film Fest coming to town in Ottawa. More details as they unfold.