Ottawa Zombie Walk Photos ~ 2015

Pumpkins, cinnamon and nutmeg, rotting leaves all herald autumn but nothing says Halloween is coming quite like a Zombie Walk. The walk has gone through a whack of changes from being a smaller, cooler, punk oriented stroll through the mall to a massive (and still cool) parade - all but one ending at Parliament Hill and all donating to the Food Bank in some way.

I've only missed out taking photos one year - the year it was saved/sponsored by a local radio station - as work got in the way. But once again, after assigning myself the unofficial duty of official(ish) Ottawa Horror Zombie Walk Photojournalist, I took to the horde camera in hand. We had a few firsts this year. The Zombie King slipped in that it was his birthday and before you could say boo, he got the HBD tune sung to him by a thousand zombies. There was a very real zombie marriage proposal only seconds before the Peace Tower bell sounded, and for once (as far as I know) no one got us all shamed by defacing private property with theatrical blood.

As long of a day it may be for the walkers and stalkers such as myself some of the organizers and make up artists start so early this can easily be a ten hour day ~ not including the after-party. So, thanks. For those that spend hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours making this such a bloody messy spectacle. 

Special thank you to every single person with even one drop of gore or makeup on them. Yeah, that's pretty much everyone. That's what keeps me coming back. You guys. So here you go. Even though no one has ever asked, if you have an image here you want taken down, let us know and we will oblige.If you want a larger image of yourself, or to ask if there are more poses, drop us a line. Also, as Sonsey mentioned on twitter and facebook - if you have images you want us to post, send them along. Stay creepy, Ottawa.

First photo of the day, and we got a bleeder

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Well, he is a joker, that's for sure

Fun with a Capital F

Every year a family really kills it

This. Here. I like this.

The worm's name is George. True story.

Getting up close to the sticky mess is best 

A common scene on Z-Walk day - photographers directing

At least someone has her back

One of the best prosthetic pieces of the day

Canadian bacon, yes?

Perfect horde action here

Some Haunted Walk walkers... walking

This is actually pretty damn gory. Thank you!

What we needed was a wolfman, right?

They were walking into hundreds of tourists visiting Ottawa. Ha!

The cabaret look was a favourite of mine

I love being attacked by the horde

Teddy scares, creeping up from behind 

Serious zombie business  

Some of the horde arriving on the Hill

Some of the organizers

Moments before he proposed, and she certainly said yes

Really liked these two cut-ups

See you all next year