Winter Is Coming - films indoors and out in Ottawa

Hopefully the only thing that is frightful is your choice in films this month! I keep hearing that we are in for a cold and snowy season even if right now the temperature is livable. Since I am privy to all kinds of horror news and watch film releases on a regular basis, here is a little bit of cheer to curl up with this month. Surely, there will be even more bitter horror to come in January, but we are off to a good start.

Mayfair - There is usually one horror title to be had each month, so checking in on the weekly schedule is a must.  I'm still kind of swooning over being able to watch Phantasm: Ravager on the big screen not long ago! Pro tip: It's on Shudder now, along with the remaster of the original if you missed it!

Bytowne Cinema - The Girl On The Train may not be horror, and neither is The Handmaiden, but both are getting buzz in horror circles

Shudder - The new-to-the-north horror streaming service has us covered. In snow, blood or both! Rob Zombie's latest 31 hits in December alongside Shrews Nest, which I have been itching to see. There is a specially curated collection It Came From The North A Collection of Canadian horror which is always a plus. A lot is coming this month, and other highlights would have to be The Revenant, Black Christmas (which Wes and I will be covering on Dead Air), Rabid, and Hostel. I have to mentiion Hostel so I can nudge in a mostly unrelated mention of Clown, which Roth did produce and was filmed in Ottawa. Everyone loves a Clown... unless they are terrified of them of course.

Vimeo - Not on the tip of everyone's tongue, but they have some great VOD releases - and part of that will be Eddie the Sleepwalking Cannibal, which was filmed locally. Super awesome Pro-Tip? Check out the site first, since through them some films on Vimeo are less expensive. Thank your friendly filmmaker Luke Ramer of BindTortureKast for that one!

Netflix - Hobo with a Shotgun featuring Rutger Hauer, The Wailing (which was excellent, and worth a rewatch if you caught it on VOD), Let's Be Evil hits mid-month, Just before the holiday Trollhunters will be streaming and right afterward, the next season of Ajin: Demi-human hits. Sinister will apparently be removed soon, so get that before you jump on the sequel. Filmed locally, you can still catch I Am The Pretty Thing That Lived In The House.


Anonymous said…
Update! The Eyes of My Mother is hitting The Mayfair on December 16