Festival of Fear Day Two - Better Late Than Deader!

It took about 17 coffee and three sleeps, but here it is! Photos and rambling from the second day of the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear. Everyone likes photos right, and since the novelty of the moment has come and gone, I don't have a lot to say.

So, enjoy! The power of Zombie Christ compels you!

Freddy, Jason and Michael, Oh My! Being a huge fan of slashers, I tried to get images of some of the best versions of my favorites. The flash kind of makes Mr. Myers look washed out, I just hope he does not kill me for it. As luck would have it, we are not related. 

This brave soul visited the Zombie Info booth a couple times. Tempting, no?  

As I had mentioned on twitter, it's not all horror all the time... sometimes it is cute girls too! 
Or I mean Star Wars... yeah... 

Interestingly, on the last day I was made aware of the amazing array of Star Wars awesomeness that was on the other end of the room. I had barely had time to venture there and when told there was an AT-AT (actually I think an AT-ST) down the hall, I had to go. Milling around were all sorts of troopers of course, and Anthony Daniels. 

About 15 minutes later, I was heading outside to return some calls, and as I climbed the stairs I see I am walking with Mr. Daniels himself, moments after his photo-op. It was a tiring day, and he looked tired so I asked how his day was to make conversation. "Oh it's a good day, everyone always has a good day at a place like this," he said. 

It dawned on me that, "It must be a good day, braving the crowds.  I have seen no guests out here and I thought everyone took a private entrance elsewhere," to which he replied with a grin - "Well, I do have legs."

At first, I didn't get it. My brain was not in C-3PO mode. Luckily I had come back with "Yes, you certainly do." 

Along with Ryuk who I basically stalked, here is the solemn Ai, or Hell Girl. As with Death Note, the anime has a lot to do with murdering people by writing their name down, or in this case, entering it into the Hell Correspondence.  The only other horror anime character I wanted was Sunako, the Yamato Nadeshiko, but did not see her at all.

All in all, I lost out on a lot of photo opportunities but was pretty pleased with who I tracked down or managed to capture. If you have images you would like to post, send them along lydia@ottawahorror or leave a clicky link in the comments.


Sonsey said…
I for one am just glad you were able to pull stuff off that card!