The Wisdom of Tom Savini - Make-up artist extraordinaire!


Here's some clips and quotes from Tom Savini's Q&A at Fan Expo!

Why he’s so good: He was a combat photographer. “I’m the only make-up artist who saw the real stuff. I was there and it was how I protected myself, I imagined how I would recreate that severed arm."

On Friday the 13th: He created Jason, and as you can see didn’t like the sequels.

Worst effect: “Dawn of the Dead was the worst blood I’ve ever seen, it was like melted crayon, made by 3M.”

On CGI: CGI and make up effects combined are amazing. Walking dead are the best zombies he’s ever seen. Back when he started they didn’t have CGI and you learned from doing, and people suffering. It was easier to believe back then because, it used to happen right in front of you. When film makers only use CGI he finds it disappointing: “now you have to make an effort to pretend it’s there instead of picturing someone creating it at a computer.”
On being in a Romero Film: “Friends say to me, I want to be a zombie. Well you have to be Canadian.”

Advice for people starting out: Experiment, use friends, talked to people in the business. Always say make me an offer. You never know how much more they will offer you than what you would work for and you can ask for a higher rate if it is too little.

Most important advice: Add green to the red blood if it’s going on something white or it will look pink or "just plain bad."

What he regrets: Once you get behind the scenes that magic is gone. He would love to see a movie like an eight year old child again with all the magic and wonder.

Stay tuned for more Tom in Machete 2!