Something Wicked This Weekend Comes

Excite! Along with our sister site, we will be at the Toronto FanExpo as part of the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear.

As usual, we have been busy profiling spooky ooky artists from Ottawa and elsewhere so we will bring what we find to you~ In fact, we have so many creeps in the cadre that it is too hard to choose one or four to profile day be day. We have broken down the fear thus:

Thursday - BOOKS

'Postscripts to Darkness' will be available along with information on submitting to the third installment. Writers, feel free to pop by and pick our brains on this anthology! Also, 'Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies' and 'Nightface' will be on the slab for Thursday's horror author lab as well as a specially priced handmade horror tale from typicallydia in a distressingly limited number.

Friday - MUSIC

Frightlight will be at the booth! Fucking-A! From Sault Ste. Marie they come bearing swag and tickets to see them as support for the Misfits in Toronto October 25! Tickets? Hell yes, they will have them along with their latest EP 'It's A... Live!' ~ Also, members of Ottawa favorites The Creeps have an offshoot, The Crusades, which fans can harass Howard about and pick up a copy of their latest video. There will be a draw for fully infected Patron Saint of Plagues merch. CDs stickers and pins, oh my!

Saturday - ART 

If you want to be sent around the convention floor like cattle, you have come to the right place! Many ghouls featured on our pages have booths, tables or a general presence at FanExpo this year, and we will direct you to them. We have info sheets on our favorites - not to mention our featured artist, Locust Girl, Heather King ~ King's unique photography will be available as well as information and conversation on her foray into the news world as she became very public about her battle with Lyme disease. Drawing for $20 toward artwork of your choice? Probably! Amazing work from a fascinating girl.

Sunday - FILM

Ah, celluloid. Pixels. Motion pictures ~sigh~ how I adore thee. We have a lucky number of Ottawa Horror Volume I DVDs available and a fresh and slippery batch of newborn Volume II. Alongside, we have information on past contributors. We will be seeking future submissions and talking about upcoming fun at the Mayfair Theatre. We will be drawing for a set of Ottawa Horror DVDs Sunday so save the bloody best for last!

Wow. So. Yeah. See how so much awesome has to be spread out? Freaky photoblogs and chilling chirps on the twitter feed will be rolling out each day along with a little more detail on what we will be offering. Add us at @ottawahorror, on facebook or stop in at booth 1729 - and like any good weirdo we will be creeping our neighbours too so stay tombed~